Helping Success Driven Professionals Power up their Brain, Create a Lean Strong Body & Solve Health Issues Permanently.
This Exclusive 8-week Coaching Programme will catapult your vitality, rev up your metabolism which will enhance your sense of wellbeing and achieve a rock-solid immune system.

Using 6 foundational health principles and a proven coaching system to maximise your investment, you will be working directly with Alex Mackenzie a Health and Exercise Consultant.

Using sound science and research, learn the latest neuroscience discoveries to catapult your vitality, memory and energy.

You will dodge costly sick days that burn into your valuable business time resulting in the only thing that you will be burning, and that is, fat.
Bypass GP's and shun toxic prescription drugs, that will only nose dive your immune system in the long term.

Update the old paradigm, 'that you have to sacrifice the things that you love' and discover what your unique needs actually are, that may pleasantly surprise you.
You will be able to kick cravings into touch with practical, strategies, that will make a measurable difference to your daily work performance.

Did you know that good quality fats don't make you fat, but are critical fuel for your brain?
End throwing darts in the dark, at what you believe you need to eat and deploy a customised nutritional plan to your own unique body chemistry.
This will power up your creativity and clarity of thinking with quick and easy food for brain health and memory for a busy schedule. 

Experience nourishing sleep, with the upshot of this being improved concentration, better decisions and a boost in your moods.

For safety and accuracy you will have access to videos of your assigned exercises from any device and be able to log your workout progress using your smartphone or tablet.

Have unlimited access to Alex, to answer any questions and iterations that you may need to navigate your way successfully through the programme.

You'll be shocked to experience the results you can get with focused mentorship.
 I offer a Initial FREE Session, in order for me to see if I can be of immense value to you. 
Then you have the decision, whether you would like to work with me.

Maybe it's one of the most important 30 mins of your life?

Do you want to keep on top of your game and make the best decisions?

My name is Alex Mackenzie and I am passionate about presenting the most efficient, elite level health and exercise knowledge. 

I assist busy professionals avoid sabotaging their health and stay razor sharp, in order to fully enjoy their success.

If you are obsessed about business performance and need a body and mind to keep up the pace, then I invite you to click the blue button below; this will hurl you off the starting blocks.

In that session you will learn about the 6 sources of stress that break our bodies down and damage our immune systems.

Are you stuck sitting with poor posture, too exhausted to move at the end of the day?
Learn how smart ergonomics at your work station can keep you charged and perhaps catch yourself doing a wee jig at the office printer.

Mackenzie Wellness uses a holistic approach, implementing strategies that will surpass all health expectations. 
Exceptional health promotes self-confidence, clear thinking, inspiration and empowerment. 

Your hard work and daily choices could wreck havoc with your long-term health.
Working with a wise Health Coach enables you to fully enjoy your success. 

Set yourself up for success with guidance on menu choices while dining out with clients, nourishing snacks in meetings and navigating international travel, enabling you to arrive fresh and ready for business.

I invite you to hit the blue link and prepare for a crucial health update for your evolution.
"We sacrifice our health to make wealth,
then we sacrifice our wealth in order to get back our health"
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