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Maintaining vitality in todays world is an art.

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Discuss your weight-loss, health concerns, difficulties with getting quality food with a busy schedule.

Perhaps your gym programme is not delivering the results that you hoped for or even if you are unable to get to the gym.

Did you know that after 4 weeks, a gym routine needs to be iterated in order for it to have a 'training' effect or you will just be maintaining what you achieved in the first four weeks.

Maybe your illness is a catalyst for growth and transformation?

You can decide whether working with Alex is for you.

Perhaps you have tried all types of diets and then experienced the backlash from the sacrifice you made from obsolete theories?

After completing your Coaching Programme you will have monstrous amounts of knowledge to maintain your results permanently.

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Wellness is an approach not a method, creating order and balance in the mind, body and emotions.
An approach suggests a road, a direction and a frame of mind.
It's a way of life, to work, relationships, to people, food sleep, your environment and exercise.
It is a way of being and at the heart of performance, is vitality.

Curious as to how you can be lean, strong and operate with clarity and focus?
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