We believe self-care is not an indulgence
It's an essential element for business performance

The Programme Includes:
  • One-to-one private 8-week coaching sessions.
  • ​In-depth exploration into the forces contributing to where you are today.
  • Total inventory of the six types of stress and methods to radically reduce them.
  • Customised diet for your unique DNA chemistry.
  • Strategies for specific health issues.
  • Exercise prescription delivered to your mobile, with videos detailed description of sets, reps and tempo.
  • Full Enneagram personality report, identifying your strengths, talents and potential as well as challenges, needs, fears and your blind spots, a powerful tool in achieving your goals.
  • Discover your four PAEI roles, a management tool, which is essential knowledge to make progress in your personal development.
  • In-depth inventory of your lifestyle: nutrition, sleep, breathing, hydration and movement; delivering instant reports for your review.
  • Strategies that harmonise your brain and body.  
  • Unlimited access to Alex, outside of your sessions.
  • Hear the latest discoveries to prevent cognitive decline, such as alzheimer’s and dementia and how to reverse it. People are doing it!
  • Quarterly check-ins for fine tuning after our time together.
  • Packed with a fire hose of content enabling you to avoid product marketing that does nothing for your health.

When Does it Start?
The moment you schedule your Free Session and transcend your nature.

Its Guaranteed!
That if you keep doing what you are doing, you'll keep getting the same results.

Once you start to numb out the stress or pain with substances like alcohol, sugar or medication, you are in grave danger of falling into a dark abyss of misery.

I invite you to hit the purple button for a session that will inspire you to integrate simple strategies that pay dividends.

Being on auto pilot can be painful, lets bring good energy and aliveness back, so you can look forward to a higher level of being.

+44 (0) 7768 741007

Alex Mackenzie has been maximising client's health potential since 1990, as personal trainer, membership sales and managerial roles in a number of distinguished London based health clubs. 

In 1996 Alex procured the role of Fitness Manager at the prestigious Harbour Club in Chelsea. Leading an elite team of personal trainers, serving a discerning and demanding membership and increased the departments income by 300% over a three-year period. 
This is where Alex fell in love with working in high end facilities and delivering a unique experience.

Creating a company in 2000, which specialised in delivering advanced education for health, exercise and rehab professionals, as the UK’s promoter and distributer for the CHEK Institute in the U.S.
This is where Alex experienced the wild roller coaster ride of running a business and the pressure it has emotionally, physically and mentally. 

2009 led her to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia as Exercise and Health Coach for Saudi Arabian Royal family which presented many cultural challenges for her work.

Alex resides in East Sussex using the ingredients for success.  Connecting to peoples deepest values and what people really want. 
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