What is Mackenzie Wellness?
It is expert mentorship with Alex Mackenzie, a Health, Exercise and Wellbeing Specialist from East Sussex, UK. 

It is a programme that has been developed, cultivated, and expanded from 31-year's operating at elite levels within the fields of health, exercise and wellness.

It is a premium on-line, face to face programme aimed at  solving health issues by in-depth analysis into your current lifestyle.
The ultimate aim is to be the best version of yourself, to drive your business. 

Who is it for?
Mackenzie Wellness Coaching is for the success driven person who wants to evolve their health to improve thier productivity.

It is designed for Professionals who wish to reclaim thier health and develop it to the next level, to perform with clarity, empowerment and innovation.

A high-pressure lifestyle sometimes demands a heavy price.
We are inclined to take risks with our health and place self-care on the back burner.  Self-care is not an indulgance, it is essential to our overall health and improves performance.

Do you have strategies in place that harmonise your brain and your body?  

Implement the latest discoveries in neuroscience  and implement a game plan to prevent cognitive decline, such as
alzheimers and dementia.

Where does it happen?
On-line, one to one with Alex Mackenzie.  

How does it work?
The use of an efficient system of in-depth health questionnaires, enables Alex to diagnose, prescribe, advise and track your progress.

It explores the source of health problems and provides resources, tactics and strategies to correct any imbalance.

Work with Alex on-line with weekly scheduled sessions with 6 Key Principles.

Review a mobile version of your assigned home or gym exercises. 
Complete with detailed description of each exercise, how to videos, sets, reps and tempo.

Log your progress using your smartphone or tablet.

Get your customised nutritional plan individually formulated for your own unique body chemistry.

Ask questions privately outside of those sessions with unlimited access to Alex.

Packed with a fire hose of content sent directly to you, outside your coaching sessions.

Your progress is tracked and monitored to maintain your momentum.

Follow the protocols prescribed and with her support and guidance achieve results, fine tune them and maintain them for the rest of your life.

Why does it exist?
Too many successful people sabotage their health and neglect simple strategies that can help them enjoy their success and maximise their productivity.

Alex is obsessed with keeping people out of the Doctors Surgery!

Working with a Mentor gives you the accountability you may need. 

Fake news subliminally drip-fed by the media and marketing of products that do very little for your health, but instead only guarantee an empty bank account, will be exposed and debunked.

Working with a Professional will fast track your results and avoid a lot of pain, loss of time and investment.
When You Are In A New State of Being
You Create a New Personality.
A New Personality, Creates a New Reality.
Dr Joe Dispenza

Here's How It Works?
We begin with the end in mind, by defining your health goals; we set your vision and plot your course.

As an inventory, complete the comprehensive on-line health appraisal questionnaires, lifestyle, nutrition and stress logs. 

Your results, complete with graphs are received instantly for your review.

Using an Holistic approach, we explore the Six Foundational Principles; Mindset, Breath, Hydration, Food, Sleep and Movement. 
Improving the quality of your life and your Work. 

Private communication with Alex with an easy-to-use system that allows you to stay in touch.

A comprehensive eating plan is designed around your schedule and your unique body chemistry.
When Does it Start?
It starts the moment you schedule your Free Strategy Session with Alex, by pressing the blue button.
Its Guaranteed!
Its guaranteed, that if you keep doing what you are doing, you'll keep getting the same results.
I am fanatically passionate about guiding people to where they wish to be physically, mentally and emotionally.
You'll be shocked to see the results you'll get with expert mentorship.
Once you start to numb out the stress or pain with substances like alcohol, sugar or medication, you are in grave danger of falling into a dark abyss of misery.

I invite you to hit the blue button for a video that will inspire you to integrate simple strategies that will pay dividends to your health.

 Alex Mackenzie has been maximising client's health potential since 1990, as personal trainer, membership sales and within various managerial roles in a number of distinguished London based health clubs. 

In 1996 Alex was head hunted for the role as Fitness Manager at the prestigious Harbour Club in Chelsea. Leading an elite team of personal trainers, serving a discerning and demanding membership and increased the departments income by 300% over a three-year period. 
This is where Alex fell in love with working in high end facilities and delivering a unique experience.

Creating a start-Up company in 2000, which specialised in delivering advanced level education for health, exercise and rehab professionals, as the UK’s promoter and distributer for the CHEK Institute in the U.S.
This is where Alex experienced the wild roller coaster ride of running a business and the pressure it has emotionally, physically and mentally. 

2009 led her to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia as Exercise and Health Coach for Saudi Arabian Royal family which presented many cultural challenges for her work.

Alex now resides in East Sussex and uses her immense experience in the health and wellness industry to help professionals overcome their individual health challenges.